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martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

Syrian women´s evolution

For many years the situation of women in Syria, little by little, has been changing in compare to the rest of the Muslim world, where women can't reach the same rights of men. Therefore, the role of women in this kind of society is looking after children and being a housewife. This according to the most conservatives sites in the Muslim culture, although in the last few years, liberal thoughts have taken a lot of influence in women. they have started to be a very important element in the Syrian economy, especially in the work world.

"I divorce, I divorce, I divorce"

In the muslim culture women can't choose their husband because the parents are who decide about this, for this reason woman haven't got freedom in this aspect.

Although, in the parts which have a bigger wester influence they can marry in a free way in relation to the divorce. In the case of man, they only need to say three times the phrase "I divorce" and inmediately they stop being married, but in the case of women is totally different. They have got to go to a court in front of a judge to get the divorce, although if they get it. they lost their children and these are in charge of their father.

Syrian women's work world

The situation of women in Syria in compare to the rest of the Middle East is pretty possitive about women's work insertion.They are the 29% of the manpower in Syria, in the last years women have been capable of becoming owners of their own enterprises and many different organisations.
Although,many of them work as farmer and for the government earning low wages from this perspective women are in a total disadvantage for the lack of education,preparation,and experience to be in the same level to men.

Discrimination against women

According to the constitution of Syrian,all its citizens are in the same condition before the legal system. But in the practice, this is totally different,especially for women for the huge wave of chauvinism which rules in Syria.Women can't travel alone around Syria,and out of this they need an authorisation signed up by their husband or father to do it.
Although, in the last decades, this rules has been softening and women who are over 18 years old can travel by herself, and get passport without asking for permission.But, in matters as dignity of women they suffer mistreatment,violations,and abuses which are totally accepted in the Syrian society where men are who make the rules and women must follow the rules without discussing. Besides that, the justice system is totally discriminatory towards women,if a man hits or kills a woman for honour this is not punished by the judges or for community.


In this kind of society, women is under men's level,and many times are considered an object and take dignity away. Although, we are in the 21st century is very difficult to try to change the way of thinking about this culture,but little by little women have been capable of improving their situation in an outstanding way.

Therefore,not only Syrian women,but all women in the Middle East have got to follow a long way to reach,and get the same conditions to any Western,Eastern or Muslim person. It takes years,even centuries to change that mentality ,but it is not impossible.